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With a reputation for being ethical in the legal community, Steven Howard is a highly respected attorney in Lansing. Trust in him to ensure that your right is fought for and you are kept completely informed and aware of your case proceedings.

Are you facing criminal charges? Student Discounts

If you are in need of legal representation to fight a criminal charge leveled against you, contact Steven Howard Attorney At Law, the attorney you can trust. With more than a decade of experience, count on Steven Howard to provide you with nothing but stellar legal representation. Ultimate Lansing DUI Attorney!

Get Criminal law representation for:

Ultimate Lansing DUI Attorney!

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If you are a student and are facing charges, take advantage of our student discount and get quality legal representation.

Trust in our 13 years of experience.

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If you are being charged for any of the above, contact us for the legal representation you deserve.  Trust Steven Howard to keep you abreast and fully informed of all that transpires.

Are you facing a case for traffic violations?

If you are facing a court date due to traffic violations or accumulation of parking tickets? Contact Steven Howard, former federal agent and police officer, to help with your troubles. Put your trust in Mr. Howard's 13 years of experience.

Legal representation for:

  • Accidents

  • Traffic violations

  • Speeding tickets

  • All traffic citations

Is your family facing legal issues?

If you are facing divorce proceedings or child custody proceedings, depend on the attorney that cares. Here at Steven Howard Attorney At Law we know how much your children matter, that's why we aim to keep you informed every step of the way.

Our family law services:

  • Child Support

  • Child custody

  • Property distribution

  • Execution of wills

  • Execution of trust

Are you facing a lawsuit for carrying a weapon?

If you are facing criminal charges or a lawsuit for carrying concealed weapons, contact Steven Howard and take advantage of his 13 years of experience and experience as a police officer and a former federal agent to find the perfect solution for you.

We can help with:

  • Carrying a weapon

  • Charges involving guns

  • Brandishing a firearm

  • Having a loaded firearm in a vehicle

  • Being a felon in possession of a gun

  • Being a minor in possession

  • Accidental discharges,

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Whether it is a case for carrying a weapon or accidental discharge, trust our competent professionals to give you the legal representation you deserve.

Are you facing charges involving guns? Contact us!

Call us for help with charges involving firearms!

Whether you are facing a criminal case or a civil case, trust in Steven Howard to keep you up to date with your case information and tell you of your options.

Do you need to get a shooting investigated?

If the scales of justice are not tipping in your favor due to lack of evidence contact Steven Howard Attorney at Law. Mr. Howard currently teaches the legal aspects of the CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) class, for those that wish to obtain CCW permits. He is also a gunsmith, a weapons expert and an expert witness.

Specializing in:

  • Criminal Law

  • Civil Law

  • Family Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Traffic Law

  • International Law

  • Weapons expert

Highly respected in the education community for obtaining the coveted "Certificate of Merit", you can trust in Steven Howard's experience to provide you with nothing less than stellar legal representation. Currently Steven Howard teaches the legal aspects of Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) class for those aiming to obtain a CCW permit.

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In our experience

With more that a decade of experience, you can rely on Steven Howard Attorney at law to provide you with nothing but stellar legal representation.

Need a shooting investigated? Contact us!

Call us to know more about shooting investigations.

Former federal agent and police officer Steven Howard is a gun expert and an expert witness. If you are in need of a shooting investigation, contact the experienced professionals you can rely upon.

Are you facing a civil law suit?

If you have been unjustly entangled in a civil law suit, have no fear! Trust Steven Howard Attorney At Law to ensure that you get the legal representation you deserve. Depend on the attorney who believes in keeping you informed.

 Elderly Discount 

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If you are an elderly person facing a law suit take advantage of our elderly discount for legal representation. 

  • Personal injury

  • Auto accidents

Facing a civil law suit? Contact us!

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If you are facing a civil law suit, contact Steven Howard for quality legal representation. You are sure to be completely aware and informed of all legal proceedings. 

All cases handled by our firm are overseen by Steven Howard and he takes a special interest in each case to ensure that the documentation and all other aspects are done correctly the first time.


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For quality legal representation

From criminal law cases to immigration law, if you are in need of legal representation, contact the attorney that cares.

Need help with a criminal case? Contact us!

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Ultimate Lansing DUI Attorney!


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